M365 Dashboard v2.0

For Xiaomi M365 Electric Scooter

M365 Dashboard For Xiaomi Electric Scooter

You don’t need to run an application on your smartphone to view scooter information anymore. From now, the most important scooter and trip information could be shown in this – M365 Dashboard.

M365 Dash v2.0 supports all original Xiaomi M365 scooters – Xiaomi M365 regular, M365 PRO, M365 PRO 2, and M365 1S electric scooters.


  • Software version: v2.0
  • Main screen: The state of battery charge and battery pack voltage. Front and rear light indicator. Total, trip (A, B, C), remaining distance, power meter, duration of power on, cruise control indicator, controller temperature.
  • Scooter info: Serial number, Firmware, BMS, BLE versions.
  • Battery info: Total and remaining battery capacity, battery temperature, BMS manufacture date and serial number, the voltage of individual cells and whole battery pack, average of cell voltage, diff. between highest and lowest cell voltage, charging cycles counter.
  • Trip info: Trip distance and time, used the battery in %, max and average speed.
  • Settings: Turn on/off rear LED and cruise control, choose regeneration mode, choose metric or imperial units, wheel size 8.5″ or 10″, custom max range and battery capacity, custom dash screen view while driving – speed, range,  power (in watts).
  • Update: Option to update M365 Dash firmware if the new version will be released. Also this tab should be chosen if you want to flash a scooter firmware with third-party apps like m365 DownG.
  • Riding/charging/locking: Over 2km/h screen starts showing speed. While charging battery indicator starts loading in green tabs. Lock scooter with throttle and brake leavers, unlock with MiHome / Xiaomi Home app only.


To navigate in the main screen and inside the menu is used the throttle and brake leaver.

The detailed instruction you could find in this video : HERE


Product package consists of:

  • 1 x M365 dashboard;
  • 1 x Power button extender;
  • 1 x Carbon vinyl sticker for top cover;


Dashboard installations is very simple. You’ll needed to remove original plastic covers and replace them wirh M365 dash.
Minor soldering skills is needed to solder 3 wires.
You could find detailed installation instructions is this video: HERE