Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Does this dashboard works with custom firmware?

A: Yes it works. If you want to be sure – there is simple way to check that. If after your update or re flash you still can connect with your smartphone and Ninebot or Mi Home application, then you’ll be fine with this dashboard too.

Q: Does it possible to get solder less dashboard version?

A: No, I’m making version witch requires soldering 3 wires. Solder less connection for me looks unreliable, because during the time those contacts could get loose and could call out dashboard operation issues.

Q: There is a possibility to get dashboard in one color screen (white)?

A: No. This dashboard is made in two color display only. This two color display is chosen, because of its best visibility in sunny day.

Q: Does this dashboard is updatable?

A: No, this dashboard don’t have an update possibility. There is no plans to add new features, so there’s no need to make this dashboard updatable.

Q: It is possible to make dashboard in different language?

A: No, this dashboard is in english only.

Q: Does this screen works with Xiaomi M365 clone electric scooter?

A: No, this dashboard works with original Xiaomi M365 electric scooter only.