M365 Dash Firmware Changelog

All M365 Dashboards are shipped with the latest firmware version and don’t require updating after receiving. Your current M365 Dash v2 firmware version is shown at the boot screen below the scooter logo – v2.x.x. Update features could be needed if any bug fix or new functionality will be made and the new firmware will be released.

The latest M365 Dash firmware file and update instructions you could download from the provided link in your M365 Dash order confirmation letter.

In a changelog list you could check if your current firmware version is up to date. You will also find all changes that have been made on M365 firmware.


Release date: 2020-10-04

New Features:

  • The scooter Locking feature now can be turned ON/OFF in the settings. By default, it is OFF.
  • New setting added in the menu when 10″ tires mode is selected – “10 in. Range” (distance traveled with 10″ tires):

Switching to 10 “mode brings up an additional setting in the menu section “10 in. range”. It shows how far it was driven with 10” tires. This parameter can be adjusted. It is relevant to anyone who has fitted 10 “tires before and the M365 Dash has been fitted afterward. You can determine approximately how much you have already traveled with the 10” tires and the M365 Dash will calculate correctly the total trip distance. Or if you just switched to 10 “mode and drove with 8.5” tires you can reset it to 0 (by holding a break leaver for 5 seconds) to accurately show the total distance. When switching the tire mode in the settings, Trip B and Trip C are automatically reset because otherwise it would be displayed inaccurately.
Driving in 10 “tire mode and switching back to 8.5” and vice versa does not change the total distance because M365 Dash remembers how much was driven with one tire and how much was driven with the other.



  • Fixed front light ON/OFF indication display on the screen bug which appeared with XiaoGen generated custom firmware.
  • Fixed cell voltage display bug for batteries with more than 12s cells configuration.
  • Fixed total trip calculation when the scooter is using 10″ tires and this specific setting is chosen on the menu.


Release date: 2020-03-08

New Features:

  • – Night mode. Available in the settings:
    OFF – Off.
    ON – Always on.
    LIGHTS ON – Turns on when the lights are turned on.
  • Wi-Fi signal strength is displayed.
    In the Update section during Dash connection to Wi-Fi a new line “Wi-fi Signal:” has been added:
    “Perfect” (excellent signal -40 dBm and above)
    “Good” (good signal between -70dBm and -40dBm)
    “Weak” (weak signal between -80dBm and -70dBm)
    “Bad” (bad signal -90dBm and below)
    Successful updating requires at least “Weak” signal.
  • Increased:
    • the Custom Battery capacity to 40Ah;
    • the Custom Distance range to 100km;

By press and hold down a brake lever for 5 seconds the Custom Battery and Custom Distance will reset to the lowest value. You no longer need to spin all to the max value to get started over.


Release date: 2019-12-13

New Features:

  • Charging current and battery capacity are shown on the main screen during the battery charge.
  • Riding speed could be displayed over 32 km\h (this is actual for overvolted scooters).
  • At Menu/Battery info could be shown individual cell voltages for batteries with more than 10 cells connected in series (this is actual for overvolted scooters).



  • When the cruise control is ON, and at the Menu/Settings/Drive screen are chosen to show “Power” during the ride – shown the used power (previously the shown value was 0). 
  • There were some issues with Trip B resetting after each battery charge. Now fixed and it resets after each battery charge. Due to the Xiaomi BMS (Battery Management System) internal logic, Trip B will only reset when charging starts with less than 90% of battery charge. Also Trip B could be reset manually by pressing and holding throttle for a few seconds.


Release date: 2019-11-15


  • Menu/Battery Info/Cell voltages are refreshing values live;


Release date: 2019-10-11

M365 Dash v2.0 has been realeased.