Cover removal

First it’s needed to remove both plastic covers. Originally they are glued with double sided tape. Take your time and finally plastic cover will pops out.

Glue the sticker

One plastic cover with ON/OFF button will be used again, and its needed to glue carbon vinyl sticker to match dashboard surface.


Next  it’s need to solder 3 wires regarding provided template. First solder yellow, next black and last one red (this is the most comfortable sequence). Wires could be soldered in different sequence, but regarding provided wiring template.

Fixing in place

Place dashboard in place and manage all wire to fit inside. Dashboard body is designed to fit very firmly by pushing it on. If you want to fix it permanently – you could use some glue or silicon.

When press the dashboard body – be careful, do not press at screen area (OLED display is quite fragile and could broke from that pressure). Try to apply pressure at the sides of dashboard body.

Installing dashboard cover

And what’s left –  to install dashboard cover. Before that, power switch extension must be attached. Push cover on, peel screen protection film- and that’s it, M365 dashboard is installed.

If here provided information wasn’t informative enough – you could find detailed installation instructions is this video: HERE

In this video was shoot the older M365 Dash version – v1.3. However, the installation process is the same. A new video of M365 Dash v2.0 installation and features will be released soon.