M365 Dashboard v2.0




M365 Dash Project is stopped for a non-estimated period of time. It means, that we will not be making and restocking M365 Dash for a non-estimated period of time. 


M365 – M365 Dash v2.0 dedicated for Xiaomi M365 electric scooter;
M365 PRO – M365 Dash v2.0 dedicated for Xiaomi M365 PRO, PRO 2,  Essential lite and 1S electric scooter or Xiaomi M365 regular electric scooter with retrofitted M365 PRO dashboard;

M365 Package:
1 – Assembled 3D printed dashboard with installed electronics and software, color IPS 1.3″ display;
1 – Carbon vinyl sticker for top cover;
1 – Power switch extension;

M365 PRO Package:
1 – Assembled 3D printed dashboard with installed electronics and software, color IPS 1.3″ display;
1 – Carbon vinyl sticker for top cover;
1 – 3D printed spacer for control board;
3 – Longer bolts to fix 3D printed spacer;

Each display was fully tested before shipping.


M365 Dashboard kit will be free shipped worldwide with some exceptions (we need to double-check shipping possibility to some countries). Usually delivery time 7-31 calendar days (depends on your location. For example to EU countries usually, parcel arrives in 5-10 days).  Item will be shipped from Lithuania (Europe) using a registered priority post (with tracking number). The tracking number will be provided after the order will be dispatched. The received order will proceed and will be sent on the same or next business day (depends on order placement time). If you do not receive your order confirmation letter more than 2 business days after your order was placed – double check your email spam box!

Please, keep in mind, that any non-received items are caused by an invalid provided delivery address.

If you can’t find your country in a drop-down menu during the order procedure – please fill the contact form and ask about the possibility to ship to your country.


– This is a handmade product, so please accept small possible imperfections.
– This dashboard isn’t waterproof!
– Dashboard v2 firmware update instructions will be provided with the order confirmation letter.
– Recommended scooter firmware version: at least 1.3.8 or 1.4.0, but it works with older versions too. The latest tested and supported firmware version is 2.3.6., BMS 1.4.1, BLE 1.3.2. M365 Dash v2 do not support FW 5.5.1. There are many different types of custom Firmware generators with many different settings, and it is possible that some settings can affect the inaccurate operation of the M365 Dash. If you encounter or find a specific setting for the M365 Dash to start displaying information incorrectly, report it to us. We will try to find a solution or write a warning on our page with which the setting of our Dash is incompatible.
– The dashboard installation is very simple. You’ll be needed to remove the original plastic covers and replace them with M365 Dash. Minor soldering skills are needed to solder 3 wires to your scooter mainboard. Detailed installation instructions are provided: HERE

– M365 Dash v2 has 12 month warranty support.